Is Anxiety holding you back in your career?


Anxiety in the work place has been discussed often. Dealing with the pressures of the workplace, navigating office politics, interpersonal conflicts and unrealistic expectations has all been identified as modern day work place stressors. But what about the stress/anxiety that comes when trying to advance your career in the workplace? How do you deal with the self doubt, fear of rejection, discomfort in acknowledging to others your  successes in order to gain a much needed raise? Or maybe there are aspects of a position in the organisation that would provide to you a greater opportunity for career advancement but it requires public speaking or the training of colleagues? Or perhaps the barrier to greater money is the fear of hieghts? The fear and anxiety associated with the barrier restricts the individuals advancement.

These are very real everyday issues that block a persons passage to advancement. These advancements not only provide greater prestige to the individual but an improved quality of life for their spouse and children. A fact that is not lost on the individual, but due to the anxiety that the barrier to this advancement represents are unable to take advantage of the opportunity.

Biofeedback training is ideally suited to address this type of concern as it focuses on the provision of specific skills that alleviate anxiety to managable degrees in order to move past these barriers. As a result, individuals previously hampered by anxiety can obtain greater success in the workplace. Which may result in promotions and greater salary opportunities.

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