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The Treatment of Anxiety and Related Issues 

Anxiety can appear in various forms including panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, and a range of others, and is one of the most common psychiatric disorders experienced by people today. It affects people from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. Subsequently, the treatments for anxiety can be varied with different outcomes for different people. If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed within this page or related pages then please contact us as we can help you.

Anxiety treatment is generally required when a patient shows marked distress or suffers from complications resulting from Anxiety. 

At Innovative Psychological Solutions (IPS) we provide services that are designed to help people suffering from various disorders associated with  anxiety. IPS uses a unique blend of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  (CBT), Biofeedback, Narrative therapy and Mindfulness that Dr. Pyle has developed over his 35 years of clinical experience. This approach emphasises a sequential approach to the treatment of anxiety with the initial focus of treatment on the development of skills to relieve symptoms and then the gentle unpacking of psychological issues that lay at the root of the anxiety.

At Innovative Psychological Solutions we specialise in evidenced based therapies and provide supporting programs including Biofeedback and other supportive technology.

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What are the types of disorders associated with Anxiety and how to recognise them?

The following information is provided as general information to aid people in obatining a better understanding of Anxiety and its symptoms, but should not be used for self diagnosis.

There are many more disorders associated with anxiety, and only a qualified health care professional should be consulted in order to obtain a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Panic Attacks 

  • The sudden onset of an anxiety attack, with the physical manifestations of anxiety which may include, heart palpitations, increased perspiration, tremors , a dry mouth, difficulty breathing or a choking sensation; chest pains; stomach cramps, paresthesia or feelings of unreality. The onset of a panic attack can be sudden and unexpected and subsequently patients will avoid situations that they fear may bring on such an episode.


  • Is the fear of places that makes one feel escape may be impossible should a panic attack occur. Examples of places can be in crowded environments or enclosed spaces such as elevators, planes, buses and trains. The fear of being alone or isolated is also common symptom.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder 

  • Patients suffer from physical anxiety symptoms such as heart palpitations, feeling dizzy or faint, nausea, physical tremors and muscle tension. This may include psychological symptoms such as lack of concentration,  constantly feeling nervous, constant lack of sleep, or a constant feeling of impeding illness or accident.

Social Anxiety Disorder

  • Is a condition where the person is afraid of situations where they may become the center of attention. Examples of this can be public speaking events, having to speak to someone in authority,  or as simple as speaking to someone of the opposite sex. The fear is based on  them appearing judged, creating an embarrassing situation for themselves or feeling foolish.

Specific Phobia 

  • Phobias which are restricted to particular situations. They may include the fear or particular types of animals such as birds, spiders, cats, dogs, bats etc including environmental fears such as fear of heights, water, flying, elevators, blood, etc.

Separation Anxiety Disorder of Childhood 

  • The excessive fear or anxiety surrounding the separation from particluar people with whom the individual is attached. This disorder can only be diagnosed in children.

If you or somoene you know displays any of the above anxiety related conditions, then there is help.
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