Supportive Technology

Technology used in our treatments

Introducing Spire - A wearable Bluetooth device 
Spire coaches you to a more calm, balanced state of mind. It tracks and improves your state of mind by allowing you to discover when you’re stressed, where it happens, and what you were doing.

Introducing Thync technology
A soothing neck massage. A splash of cold water. A kiss from someone you love. These are common examples of how nerves signal the brain to change the way you feel. Thync works, in the same way, using signaling programs called Vibes.

Introducing Neurosky 
Safely measuring your brainwaves, these EEG headsets interface with your desktop and mobile devices and give you access to more than 100 apps developed for health and wellness, entertainment, education, and more.

Introducing Muse 
The Muse device pairs with your smart phone to assist in optimising mindfulness training for those who find meditation difficult.

Introducing Heart Math Inner Balance 
The Inner Balance device is an iOS operating system only platform which monitors HRV. This provides you with training in stress reduction and relaxation. It is especially helpful for those individuals who have trouble doing meditation.


Introducing eSense Skin Response
This device for your Android or iOS operating phone measures anxiety through the moisture of the hand. As an individual becomes more anxious their hands become more “clammy”. Through the use of this biofeedback technique individuals can learn to modulate their anxiety.

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