Backward Bicycle

As a mental health clinician of over 35 years, Dr. Kevin Pyle believes that anxiety and depression are a result of a rigid mindset.  The focus of his therapuetic approach is the development of a more flexible mindset in approaching the psychological triggers of depression and anxiety. Dr. Kevin Pyle's therapuetic approach which was developed over those 35 years is explored from several different directions with the aim of building skills for the individual to defeat the overwhelming feelings associated with deperssion and anxiety.

The video here shows how the brain develops this rigid mindset and the process required to learn a new skill. Although the video shows the process that took place to ride the backward bicycle, which is a manual task, the process is the same in dealing with an emotional event. The triggering event (as in the case of phobia's or the uncertainties in life) becomes over time hardwired to an emotional response and the process to defeat the emotional response is linked to a more flexible mind.

The work Dr. Pyle does with his patients thoroughly explores this process and what it means to the individual in dealing with their triggering events.

Hope you enjoy the video.