Motivation can Fight Depression.

In this page I would like to share with you motivational speakers. We all need strategies/tools that help to motivate us against the challenges that we all face from time to time.  I will be adding new video's periodically to keep this page fresh.

Admiral McRaven Navy Seal

Admiral McRaven was trained as a member of the warrior elite in the US military. The Navy Seals. Their training is brutal and they have to dig deep to motivate themselves to finish the training. Admiral McRaven, shares the small but significant tasks that helped him through the training and how he uses that training in everyday life.



Neuroscientist on what brings about behavioural change

We all have behaviours that we would like to cahnge. Whether its to improve our health (eating habits, diet, smoking) or financial stability (retail therapy as a means of treating depression) or relationships (helping more around the house or with the kids). Whatever the behaviour that would be beneficial in our lives there is always a struggle to make the change. This video gives you osme idea as to why and how to fix it.


How to set and achieve personal goals. 

This video will help walk you through how to identify goals in your life and more importantly how to achieve them. So often I hear from people that they have given up on setting goals in their life because they have been disappointed in the outcome, or its too hard to keep pushing for these goals, or more to the point, they dont know how to set realistic goals.  This video will help you do that and to see success.